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Elegant Edible Landscaping

Your yard doesn't have to look like a farm to grow healthy fresh food, and it certainly doesn't have to smell like one either! We want to show you how you can have a yard that tastes as good as it looks! We'll walk you through all the steps from design, plant selection, to irrigation and simple routines to help you have a gorgeous, weed-free garden you'd be proud to put on your table and share with your friends and family. 


Elegant INDOOR Gardening

Yes, you can make growing food indoors look good, even great! And the taste is even more excellent and nutritious when you follow the tips, tricks and full-blown methods we'll share with you at the Agriscaping Summit. We look forward to showing how to make growing microgreens as easy as tying your shoes, and growing indoor fruits and veg a simple delight within arms reach.


Soil Building!

Healthy plants start with healthy soil! Learn how to build your own through hugelkultur, vermicomposting, grey-water integration and turn your home and landscape into a truly regenerative, productive and deliciously edible garden.


Produce Year-Round, on any-sized property, patio, or porch

No-matter where you live, you can grow healthy, fresh herbs, teas, fruits, and vegetables year-round when you understand micro-climates from full-sun to full shade, there's a way and a what you can grow everywhere.


And so much more!

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